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_July 6, 2003 at Devotion(San Francisco, CA.)
This is my second time playing at one of San Francisco's most happening house nights, which takes place at the infamous EndUp(6th & Harrison). I opened up for Niel Aline(Chez Music) this time around as Ruben Mancias the resident was in NYC playing at The Shelter Party for Timmy Regisford. I must say what a slammin night it was with all the heads out screaming and yelling throughout the night. My mix of "When Doves Cry" with Africanism's "Le Enfants Du Bled" really got this one girl on fire, with her "I never heard a dj put those records together that way before!" Ha, ha, ha, the sponatanious affair i call it, cause that was the very first time I actually put those two records together in the mix. Terry Walker's "Ching, Ching(Restless Soul mix)" got the people screaming, while the classic Octave One's "Blackwater"  took them to a whole new level with the MLK speeches. Not too mention Ruben Mancias'(Devotion resident) "Peace" feat. Michelle Weeks got the crowd doing a sing along, know that's what I'm talkin about. Overall in my opinion one of the best nights in San Francisco right now for any house dj to play at, just ask Louie Vega! Muchas gracias to Eric & Ruben for booking me once more at their night!