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_July 17, 2003 at 3 Degrees Party_The Oasis(Oakland, CA.)
 What can I say last minute I found out the party was moved to Thursday night instead of Saturday. This time around its only me & Noah Radford as Julius "The Madthinker" cannot make it this month from Chicago. What could I expect from tonight with last minute promotion, but behold the 3 Degree's members come out in full support with some new heads showing up. The night turns out to be off the hook with people getting down and screaming to all the songs we played. Many classics were dropped including the Murk classic "High Up" by the Funky Green Dogs and Charisse Arington's "Down With This(MAW rmx.)" which got people all psyched up to my surprise! Noah played a sweet afro house set with lots of style & class that got the ladies grinding to top it off. Now you know the night was off the hook if even the owner is yelling to us to play one more! Hahahaha, see ya at the next 3 Degrees party!